Offset Printing Techniques

Offset Printing

Offset printing creates an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket then to a printed surface.  It is the cheapest mode of producing commercial mediums. The components and process used in offset printing involve an inking system, a dampening system, a plate cylinder, offset cylinder, and an impression cylinder. The transferring of ink occurs in many steps. First the inking system (ink fountain and rollers) stores and feeds small amounts of ink onto a distribution roller. From here the ink roller distributes ink onto the plate cylinder. While this happens a water roller is soaked inside a water reservoir and rolled onto the plate cylinder as well. The water reservoir is chilled at a specific temperature to make sure the ink sticks to the impression/plate cylinder. Once the water and ink mixture is applied to the plate cylinder, it is then pressed on to an offset cylinder. From the inked offset cylinder, paper is wedged between and the impression cylinder creating an image. This from of printing combine’s lithography and letter pressing.