3D Printing Industry and Cooling Devices

3D Printing

3D printing creates three dimensional objects from a digital file using additive process. This means the object is created by layers stacking upon layers (horizontally) until the object is created. The design is made in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file, a 3D modeling program or 3D scanner. The scanner makes a digital copy of the object.  The material extruded by the printing is a plastic, or metal that is heated. Different industries use 3D printers. These can include home use, medical (casts, prostheses, hip replacements, manufacturing (parts, toys, etc.) and aerospace (light weight parts).

Because the materials used vary upon industry, fans and chillers need to be used to cool the machine, so damage is not done. Heat from the nozzle can melt the created object, or create an access of melted material. Small print, and finely detailed printed objects need to cool quickly, a chiller makes this possible. Cool air can be extruded on to the 3D project.